What is Serenity Moments?
The idea behind Serenity Moments happens during an afternoon meditation. I was trying to incorporate mini-breaks in my day to refocus and reduce stress.  I didn’t want to call it a time out or a break; I wanted it to have a special name. Thus, I decided to use serenity from my business name and moment to reflect time.  During this time, I would stop worrying or stressing about my day and pause everything for 10 minutes.  I would focus on either breathing, listening to the sound, closing my eyes, noticing smells, or sitting in nature. I tend to focus on one of the senses during the Serenity Moment. The key is to let my mind rest, my breathing and heart rate slow down. In other words, focus on being present; not thinking about the past or future events.  Sometimes, I will take a walk during my Serenity Moments.
I often mention my Serenity Moments in my Facebook and Instagram posts  Why? Self-care is important to everyone and it is often the first thing drop in our lives when they become hectic. We need Serenity Moments to help with stress. I strongly encourage my clients and everyone else to incorporate one Serenity Moment in your day. Think of it as a daily dose of calmness.



Serenity Moments


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