Volunteering for Junior Achievement and my Himalayan Bowl

by | May 15, 2019 | Sound, Vibrational Sound Therapy | 0 comments

As I was pondering what to post today on Facebook, I honestly drew a blank. I spent another 15 minutes thinking before I finally decided to write about volunteering for Junior Achievement (JA). I have been volunteering for JA for about 3 years, and I mostly volunteer to teach Kindergartners. Occasionally, I help with high school students and fundraising activities. This last Friday, I taught lessons about choices, needs, and wants to 22 Blenman Pre-K students (morning and afternoon classes).

While teaching about needs and wants, lesson 2, I incorporated my sound practice into this discussion. I do a show-&-tell and show them my Himalayan bowl that I took to Thailand. I tell the students, I “wanted” to go to Thailand for a vacation to see elephants and temples. But I also “needed” this bowl for the sound therapy I gave to the elephants. Sometimes an object or thing can have both characteristics. The bowl becomes a highlight of their day as well as a teaching tool. Almost every student likes to hold the bowl; some say it tickles, others feel the vibration and the last group just giggles. I enjoy being able to make learning about needs and wants fun. I strongly believe in starting early to teach our kids and grandkids about responsibilities & money. JA is leading the way in educating them about finances.