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This weekend I spent 3 days focusing on living your life in abundance. I will admit my definition of what abundance is changed over time.  When I was a child, I thought abundance meant the number of toys – particularly dolls- I had.  It was tough when I had to share my toys, especially my dolls, with my sister!  As a teenager, I was attracted to collecting friends to show abundance.  It was a game amongst my close friends to see how many people we collected as friends.   When I look back at those years, I realize most of those so-called friends were acquaintances. I also thought as a young adult that abundance meant money in the bank.  I can find more situations throughout my life in which my definition of abundance drastically differs from it is today.

Today, abundance means a surplus of feelings and things that bring me happiness and love.  For example, I have an abundance of pets in my life; I have 3 cats and 2 dogs.  I also have several adopted pets of cats and dogs, as well as birds, rabbits, horses, and reptiles.  Animals love me and I love animals. I also have an abundance of friends; when I do a list of who I am grateful for being in my life; it fills over two pages.  The long list includes people in Tucson, Arizona, all over the United States, Canada, and other parts of the World.  Yes, I know a lot of people, but my husband Tom was in the military and we moved a lot during his 23-year career.  I am overjoyed that I have so much in my life that causes me to feel abundant and loved.  What are you abundant for?