Charka Meditation Description

A Guided chakra meditation to realign your chakras in your body. This sound bath involves group participation; you will partner with another person during the activity. The bath begins with a brief description of the Himalayan bowls and outlines the bath’s activities. Each person will experience a 30 minutes bowl session with a bowl placed on or around him/her. 

Participants will lie on their backs on a yoga mat in a relaxed position. You will simply listen and stay present with what you are experiencing with the guided meditation. Each participant can experience something different whether physical or emotional.  The guided meditation is an invitation to connect your body, heart, and spirit together.

The location of the chakra meditation sound baths is 3745 E River Rd. The meditation starts at 1 pm and finishes at 2:30 pm.

The cost is $35 for single person and $60 for couples (or partners/friends)

Guided Meditation Sound Bath Etiquette:
• Arrive on time, if you are more than 5 min. late you may not be allowed in. Once the event starts it is disruptive to everyone there if someone arrives late.
• Dress in comfortable, layered clothing. You may get hot, or cold.
• Bring a mat, blanket, and anything else you need to be comfortable laying on the floor.
• Refrain from wearing, or emitting, strong scents or perfumes.
• If you are sick please stay home.
• If you start coughing, leave the room until you are finished, or leave the sound bath if you have a persistant cough.
• Turn your cell phones off and do not use them during the event.


Serenity Holistic Touch offers all first time clients a complimentary 30 minute Reiki or Sound Session. To schedule your appointment call/text Lisa Westrick at 520-226-5953 or email lisa@serenityholistictouch.com.


Awesome sound bath experience! Lisa is so warm and welcoming. Wonderful new experience in a unique and inviting space.


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