Spring and Allergies

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Health Issues, Reiki | 0 comments

As I was sitting at my computer trying to decide the topic of this blog, my eyes kept being drawn outside to the trees with new leaves and flowers. Spring is a time for births and new beginnings. Many of the trees and bushes in the Tucson area are blooming with leaves and flowers. I noticed the other day as I drove to Phoenix, Interstate 10 is full of wildflowers blossoming. I saw a lot of green in the desert since we had plenty of rain during the winter. However, all of this greenish is also resulting in high pollen counts. My car recently was yellow from all the pollen of the trees nearby. Spring allergies are here.

I discovered Reiki significantly helps me during the spring allergy season. Reiki can alleviate several symptoms associated with allergies from swollen sinuses and nasal passages to watery eyes. I find it very comforting to have my hands sending warm Reiki energy into my face. It also feels great when my husband Tom, also a Reiki Master, places his warm hands on my face and brings relief. My worst symptom during allergy season is post-nasal drip, which causes an itchy throat. I often feel the scratchiness diminish when I send Reiki to the throat. Reiki sessions during allergy season have helped several of my clients continue their normal outdoors activities while the pollen level is high.