September is National Self-Care Awareness Month

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Health Issues, Reiki, Sound | 0 comments

September is National Self Care Awareness Month. When I hear self-care I often wonder what someone means by it. Thus, I looked up definitions of self-care on the Internet.  One definition of self-care is actively taking care of your health.  The best definition to me is taking an active role in one’s overall well-being and happiness, particularly in times of stress.  In other words, self-care is actively participating in preserving or improving your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  Self-care is especially important during stressful times such as starting a new job or a promotion at work, getting married or divorced, and/or having a new baby. Yet, many of us do not “have the time” for self-care during these events. For example, this summer, I skipped my self-care routine several times to work on various projects around the house. Other activities this summer affecting my self-care practices was my husband traveling for work and selling our house. Yes, my summer has been full of stress and I constantly needed to remind myself to engage in self-care activities.

What activities are included in a self-care routine? It honestly varies from person to person. Some common practices include eating healthy, exercising and getting enough sleep.  Yet, each person requires a different amount of sleep a night and have various bedtimes. Some individuals have a routine for exercising and others crave spontaneity in participating in many sports. Others like relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation compared to rowdy playing of football or basketball. For some people, they like to engage in self-care activities with others and other people like to do it alone. The key to remember about doing any activity for self-care is: does it improve your mood and reduce stress. If you do not have a self-care routine, start small and make a commitment to it, such as eating healthy snacks or walking 3 times a week for 15 minutes. Another wonderful addition to self-care monthly routine is a Reiki or Vibrational Sound session. Both of these modalities are wonderful for maintaining the overall wellness of your body. The results are amazing when you are in a better mood and feel healthy.