Holiday Wishes

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Holidays, Reiki, Vibrational Sound Therapy | 0 comments

I wish you and your family peace, joy and love this holiday season. As I spend the holiday season with family; I am reminded of the importance of these feelings during the holiday season. It not about how much you spent on a present and how many presents you bought for people; it’s more about showing a person that you care for them. Our society has commercialized the holidays stressing the importance of buying the latest electric gadget, such as an iPhone, a video game, most popular kid’s toy or shiny piece of jewelry. While it is great to able to purchase these pricy items sometimes; many times a homemade gift is just as special. Why? Because the gift is made of love; it takes planning and time to create the present. I received two homemade presents this year and both are special to me.

The holidays are often stressful times with shopping, writing holiday cards, hosting or attending holiday parties, and visiting family. I will admit I get stressed during the holidays because of all the festivities and being on the constant go during the season. To rejuvenate myself, I will listen to music, walk in nature or meditate in a quiet space. Another way I can revive my energy is giving and receiving Reiki sessions; Reiki brings peace, joy and love into my life. These emotions create a higher vibration in the body and release the “happy” endorphins. When the happy vibrations are activated; a person usually smiles or laughs more and feels calm. These endorphins can also be felt when having a Vibrational Sound session; the vibrations relax the body and can change thought patterns to make us feel happy and peaceful. I know after giving sessions with clients, I feel more tranquil. If you have not tried a Reiki or Vibrational Sound session, I encourage you to try it to bring more peace, joy and love into your lives for 2019. Happy Holidays!