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In the month of November, we celebrate Thanksgiving. I often feel this holiday is overshadowed by Halloween and Christmas as well as by the biggest shopping day of the year- Black Friday. I remember as a small child going to my Grandmother’s home for the big Thanksgiving Feast. I got to see all my uncles, aunts and cousins; the house was full of people! Even though, Tom (my husband) and I live away from our families; we still prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner including a turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, vegetables and pumpkin pie. We also added some traditions over the years; getting up early to start the turkey in smoker, a morning walk, snacking on a veggie tray before the meal and watching football afterward.

Before we eat our Thanksgiving feast, our family goes around the table and says what we are grateful for having in our lives. This Thanksgiving, I will be in Thailand and not with any family members. Yet, I will take a moment in my busy day to give gratitude to family and friends. My family includes my wonderful husband Tom, my son Alex and his wife Steph, my grandsons Mikael, Jerry, Xander and Toby. I will also give thanks to my non-related family who lives in Tucson, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois and throughout the United States. My non-related family continues to grow each year as I continue on my spiritual journey and training with Reiki and Sound Healing. Finally, I am grateful for my health, business and love in my life. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!