Health Care Workers

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Health Issues | 0 comments

Wow, life has surely changed in 1 month because of the COVID-19 virus.  We now have to practice social distancing everywhere and most of us are staying home from work.  Probably the biggest occupation being affected by the virus are health care workers.  Those individuals who work in medical and urgent care centers face the highest risks during this outbreak.  Yes, I have family members and lots of friends who work in health care professions and I am worrying about them.  I truly consider them unsung heroes.  Their jobs are often stressful, long hours, and often thankless.  How do I know? My first job was working in an assisted living center as a certified nursing aide for 3 years.  I also worked at the Medical College of Georgia for 5 years and met numerous health care workers from all different health care fields. 

Each person touched my life with stories of their jobs and the people who they helped. I met several doctors and health workers who volunteer for Doctors Without Borders program and they have lots of interesting stories of working in primitive conditions and saving lives.  The stories I hear now from friends and family members who work in medical centers is about the shortage of supplies, especially face masks.  My one sister who is a retired nurse keeps hoping we do not overwhelm the health care system by people not following the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines.  We could be in serious trouble if a large portion of the health care workers catch it. I truly appreciate all health care workers for your service to your communities. My closing words to everyone; please practice social distancing when in public, wash your hands frequently, and stay home if you are sick or have certain health conditions.   Take care and stay healthy!