Go Red for Women

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Health Issues | 0 comments

February 1st is “Go Red for Women” to raise awareness of women’s heart health. The American Heart Association started this day in 2004. Heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in women in the United States, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and 1 out of 4 deaths are caused by heart disease, according to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. “Go Red for Women” is a part of the National February’s month long focus on heart health.

The event has expanded over the last 15 years from wearing red clothing to educating about heart disease and improving overall health. Some tips for improving your heart health are eating a healthy diet with low sodium and low amounts of unsaturated fats. It is also important for women to manage any heart conditions such as high blood pressure and take a baby Aspirin to reduce the risk of heart attack. In addition, women need to know the signs of a heart attack, which typically are not similar to men’s symptoms. Nearly 80 % of heart disease for women can be prevented, according to the American Heart Association. What are you doing to improve your heart health?

*Thank you the American Heart Association for the facts on Women and Heart Disease