Why is Sound Therapy Beneficial for Your Heart Health?

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Emotions, Health Issues, Sound, Vibrational Sound Therapy | 0 comments

 In honor of National Heart Health Month, I decided to write today’s blog post on how sound therapy is beneficial to your heart.  Most of us are aware of exercising being vital to your heart health, but do you know resting your heart is just as important.  Over the last twenty years, medical studies have studied the American lifestyle and discovered our lives are very stressful, which means illnesses and diseases are on the rise.  Why?  Medical researchers state it is because our bodies are in a ‘constant flight or fight’ or sympathetic mode.  In other words, our bodies are constantly operating in overdrive and our bodies are not relaxing or resting.  This is one of the reasons why sound therapy is very beneficial; it relaxes the body. 

The vibrations of the bowls during a vibrational sound session or from a sound bath work with the body to unwind it.  The vibrations work with our bodies’ energies.  Remember, our bodies are energy and we are constantly moving our muscles, cells, food particles, blood vessels, and breathes.  According to medical research, these vibrations from the instruments therefore lower your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.  Thus, giving your heart a much need rest period during the day.  Another reason why sound therapy is beneficial is having regular vibrational sound sessions or sound baths helps your body emotional and mental states.  I recently read an article discussing the connection of emotions and the heart.  The report concluded that positive emotions, such as love and happiness, lower your pulse rate and decreases stress levels, whereas negative emotions raised it.  Sound therapy often creates positive feelings and calms the mind through the vibrations.   Therefore, sound therapy can help you several different ways; it helps your body physically, mentally and emotionally relax.  Schedule your sound session today and improve your heart health.