The Spirit of Gift Giving

by | Dec 24, 2019 | Emotions, Holidays | 0 comments

This is the time of year many of us are busy with sharing holiday cheer.  I have spoken with many friends and family members about looking for the hottest deal on toys and electronics for this holiday season.  Yet, some of my more precious gifts during the holidays are homemade ones.  I remember receiving two craft presents from my son during the holidays; one gift was a candle wreath and another was a Christmas tree ornament.  I also received homemade cookies (my daughter-in-law’s monster cookies) and homemade jellies or preserves.   I even received cookie or soup mix jars where I just need to add a few ingredients.  When I give gifts, I often like to make my choices based on the person’s personality.  For instance, I recently bought one of my grandsons Harry Potter pajamas and another grandson got Avengers pajamas.   Both of the boys love watching these movies and wanted presents related to the characters in them.  This type of gift giving is special to me.

Another act of gift giving during this time of year is volunteering or donating to charitable organizations.  I helped with Christmas drives collecting toys for children and delivering food to families.  I even spent my teen years Christmas caroling at Assisted Living Communities and once playing an elf to Santa delivering gifts.   Each of these activities boosted my holiday cheer by sharing it with others.   Yet, this holiday spirit of volunteering and donating money does not have to stop after the holiday season.  Many charitable organizations need year-round volunteers and donations, such as schools and food banks.  For the new year 2020 and the decade, I am encouraging everyone to share the giving spirit by volunteering or donating to your favorite non-profit organization year round.  Happy holidays!