The Joys of Music and Sound

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Emotions, Sound | 0 comments

Today’s topic for my blog post is answering some questions relating to my experience with the Himalayan & crystal bowls. I am often asked when did I start playing the Himalayan & Crystal bowls? My answer was about 4 years ago. I was at the Tucson Gem Show when a friend handed me a metal bowl and said play it. I was unsure of how to do it, so I watched other shoppers striking a metal bowl and then mimicked them. I quickly realized I enjoyed the sound the bowls made.

Did I receive formal training for performing with the Himalayan and Crystal Bowls? Yes, I took several beginners classes for playing the bowls, chimes and drums. Last year, I became a certified Vibrational Sound Practioner through the Vibrational Sound Association.

Why did you choose playing the various types of bowls and not some other musical instrument? I actually perform with the bowls because I love the sound they make and they resonated with me. I developed a passion for sound & music when I was 5 years old. My mom told me I preferred listening to music rather than watching television as a child. During my childhood, I played piano in grade school and percussion in high school. I will admit that practicing piano was not my favorite activity; I much rather be riding my bike. I have tried playing other instruments, such as guitar and flute, but they did not feel right. When I play the bowls, I feel the vibrations and enter into a peaceful meditate state. The sound that the bowls make resonated with me and my spirit.