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Thanksgiving is a day to express gratitude to our families and friends.  I would like to thank all my family, friends and clients for being a part of my life. I decided to focus this blog post on writing positive words to each letter of the word Thanksgiving and giving a brief description. 

T is for thankful.  I am thankful for my relatives and friends.  You are a blessing to my life.

H is hug.  A hug is the simplest way to express to someone that you care.

A is appreciation.  I truly appreciate the support from my growing Vibrational Sound Practitioner family. 

N is noble.  The word is rarely used today; but it relates to having higher characteristics of honesty, generosity, courage and loyalty.  I encourage you to compliment a friend by identifying one of these traits.

K is for kiss.  Whether you kiss someone checks, hands or lips, it is a truly expression of love.   

G is for giving. The holiday season is about giving your time or money to worthy cause or organization.  Spend 2 to 4 hours a month volunteering to at a community activity or donating money to a community project.

I is for incredible.  You are an incredible person. 

What is something incredible you did this year?  Did you fall in love, take a fantastic trip, graduate, or something else? It can be something small or big, but you felt great when it happened.

V is variety of kindness actions.  There are a variety of ways to show your love and gratefulness to family and friends.  It can be a hug, phone call or text or soup when the person is sick.

I is Inner Peace.  When you express thankfulness and gratitude, you feel inner peace within yourself.  Inner Peace can also be felt when meditating and focusing on the present. 

N is ‘love’ note.  Whether you leave one for your husband or a special note for your child, you make his or her day a little or lot brighter.  It can be as simple as I love you with lots of emoji’s.

G is for gratitude. It is an action that we need to practice every day.  Many self-improvement books suggest listing 5 things you are grateful for every day before bed. 

What words would you assign to each letter in Thanksgiving?