Stress Reduction

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Emotions, Health Issues | 0 comments

Many people set resolutions or goals on New Year’s Eve for the upcoming year. One of the most common goals often involves some aspect of stress reduction whether it is exercising, meditating, eating healthy or a starting self-care routine. All of these activities do decrease stress and improve one’s health. I am often asked by clients for recommendations for relieving stress and my answer is it depends on the person.

Here is why I stated it is individual decision. Take exercising for example; some people engage in running or bicycling to relieve stress when they get in the ‘zone,’ while others dread exercising and find any excuse to avoid it. Another group of people love to meditate for 20 minutes to create peace of mind; whereas, an additional set of people cannot sit still for 5 minutes. An additional example is some people enjoy being in nature and looking at its beauty; but, others complain about bugs and weather. It is like so many things in life, some people enjoy doing one activity while others avoid it; the same applies to stress management. To help you, I created a PDF of my top 5 recommendations of stress busters.