Serenity Moments

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Emotions, Health Issues, Spirituality | 0 comments

In September, I had a conversation with my health and wellness coach Amy MaHarry about 10 minute mini-breaks during the day. The idea of these breaks is to focus on being present. No worrying over deadlines, social media posts, budgets or something as simple as what is for dinner. If one of those ideas does occur while taking the break, acknowledge it and erase it.  Instead of problems or planning the next event, focus on yourself or what is going on now in the room. How are you breathing during these 10 minutes; fast, slow, shallow or deep breathes? Do you hear a radio on in the room or traffic noise? What do you see: sunlight, rain, rainbows or birds in the sky? The idea is to engage all of your senses in the 10 minute mini-break and create peace.

When I meditated on the idea of these mini-breaks, I felt that I needed a name for them; thus I created serenity moments or #serenitymoments.  You may have seen me post about serenity moments on Instagram or Facebook in September when I posted about self-care and having a routine in September. When should you have a serenity moment during the day and how often? The answer is individual to you and your schedule. I personally take my serenity moment in early afternoon between 1 and 2 pm; however, some days I take it in the evening. I do encourage everyone who wants to practice these moments to put it on your daily calendar and make it a part of your routine. I strongly encourage you to put your life on pause for 10 minutes daily to just be present. You will be amazed at how much more you will be able to focus on your day.