Reiki: Grief and Gratitude

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Emotions, Reiki | 0 comments

What does Reiki have to do with grief and gratitude? Reiki can be a wonderful tool for a person who is grieving. Since Reiki is loving and healing energy from the universe, it can provide emotional and mental support for those individuals that have a lost a loved one. The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. No two people mourn the same way: for example, one person may experience the anger stage for 3 months whereas another person spends 1 month in it. Reiki helps with each stage of grief and can help with the emotionally up & down of it. How do I know? I have spent the last year grieving the deaths of three family members.

My journey started a year ago, when my mother-in-law Ruth Westrick passed away at the age of 97. Yes, she lived a rich and full life, but I still mourned her death. She is remembered for her quilts and rag rugs which she made every winter until her eye sight went (she was about 90 years old). Three weeks later my brother-in-law Ed died from lung disease. The emotional roller coaster of heartache started again. Despite the up and downs of emotions for losing these two family members, I learned about gratitude.

Uplift, an online weekly spiritual newsletter, has several articles on the topic of grief. I would like to quote three sentences for an article on grief and compassion:

One of grief’s greatest gifts is an appreciation of the preciousness of life and the ultimate importance of love…Grief strips us back to our essential being and we realize that all that really matters is the love we give and receive. Grief makes us very aware that life is short and to be cherished.


A few months after the deaths of these family members, I experienced the feeling of gratitude for knowing them. I felt truly blessed to have them as a part of my life and experience their loving presence. I attribute this emotional growth to my daily practice of giving Reiki to myself. I also asked other Reiki Masters to send my family healing energy during this time. I strongly believe that Reiki mentally and spiritually assisted me as I mourned. Just as I thought I was through my grieving process last year, my dad was placed into Hospice Care at Christmas time. My dad died two months ago and I began mourning once more. It was very difficult at first starting all over again with the anger and emotional roller coaster. However with the help of my husband, family and close friends, I am moving quicker through the early stages of grief. I am now working on the appreciation of his life and love.