Mental Stimulation for Health Aging

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Emotions, Health Issues, Reiki, Vibrational Sound Therapy | 0 comments

My third post on healthy aging relates to our mental health. Numerous medical studies are looking at the importance of keeping the brain active as we age. Several of these studies are sponsored by AARP, the largest organization for people over 50, and how these people can enjoy their retirement years. The growing number people with memory loss are a huge concern for baby boomers. Some types of dementia diseases are Alzheimer, Huntington and Parkinson. Scientists are exploring if the dementia is caused by environment or lifestyles.

Most of the studies indicate it is important to keep your brain active throughout your life. Learning should not stop when we finish high school or college, but should be a life-long pursuit. We can go back to school to learn new skills with computers, learn a different language or change a career. We can also take classes to pursue a passion of playing a guitar, learning to paint or cooking healthier meals. In other words, learning does not have to be only for career needs, but it can also be for personal ones. Continual learning is important for a healthy brain.

Another avenue of keeping a healthy mind is brain games. If you are in the magazine aisle of Walmart or Walgreens, you can see the numerous magazines for Sudoku, Word or Number searches and Cross Word puzzles books. I have both Sudoku and Mahjong games on my Kindle. Some TV game shows are great for keeping our brain healthy: Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy are two of my favorites and my mother-in-law was amazing at knowing the answer to Jeopardy’s questions. The number of brain games on the computer is growing each year. Finally, there are some great board games for engaging the brain such as Scrabble and Chess. Keeping the mind healthy can be fun and entertaining.

I also strongly believe a part of mentally healthy aging is reducing stress. We as a society operate at unhealthy stress levels in which we live in the flight and fight mode (also known as sympathetic mode). Neuroscientists are studying the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems and how stress is affecting them. The evidence is showing our bodies are in constant state of hyper awareness because of stress. To help reduce stress, we need to engage in self-care routines. Reiki and Vibrational Sound Therapy can help with stress reduction. Medical studies are demonstrating Reiki and Sound Therapy can help the brain relax and reduce stress by looking at brain scans. New research continues to explore how holistic medicine can enhance Western medicine treatment and help with mental health.