Love: the Highest Vibration

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Emotions, Health Issues, Love, Spirituality | 0 comments

Since February started this weekend, I decided to write about the energy of emotions, particularly love.   Negative emotions feel draining to our bodies and positive emotions feel refreshing to them.  For example, when we experience the emotions of anger or jealousy, we can sense it strongly and afterwards, we can suffer guilt or depression for feeling this way.  In other words, we have a high surge of that negative emotion, followed by a crash or emptiness.  However, when we feel positive emotions of joy or peacefulness, we are aware of the happiness and it continues long after the experience.  I personally believe love is the strongest emotion with the longest lasting effects.  We can experience it in one major event or in several small acts of love throughout the day.  The result is the same; happiness.

One of my favorite studies about emotions and energy is Dr Emoto’s water experiment.   His study looked at how thoughts, emotions, and speech patterns effected water when frozen.  The negative thoughts and emotions resulted in little crystallization of water molecules, whereas, positive thoughts and emotions caused lots of crystallization.   I find this study fantastic to look at because of all of the formations.  Some people are skeptical of his study, but people were also skeptical of Galileo thinking the Earth rotated around the sun.