Charka Harmony Course Description

Did you know that your chakras have an effect on your health and well being, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?  Would you want to experience deep healing and make substantial positive changes in your life?

Learn how to release, clear, and unblock chakra blockages or obstacles to rebalance and restore the flow of energy in this online course. Each segment will have a discussion on the many ways to keep your chakra energy flowing during these times of uncertainty.

Participants will receive worksheets, exercises, and guided meditations for each of the chakras.  The course will help you to better understand how your chakras affect our physical and emotional bodies.  Chakra Harmony is an invitation to connect your body, heart, and spirit together.

The introductory cost is $149 for the course (the regular price of $199). 

Outline of the course:

Segment  1: General Overview of the Chakra System

Segment 2: Root Chakra

Segment 3: Sacral Chakra

Segment 4: Solar Plexus Chakra

Segment 5: Heart Chakra

Segment 6: Throat Chakra

Segment 7: Third Eye Chakra

Segment 8: Crown Chakra

Bonus Materials:



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