Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

Labor Day is a holiday that started during the Industrial Age in the late 19th century.  It began as a labor movement to celebrate the contributions and achievements of American workers. Why? During the late 1800s, many people moved away from living in rural areas to...

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The Importance of Taking a Vacation

I had several friends and acquaintances ask me about my summer vacation and my reply is what vacation. This summer my husband traveled at least 5 weeks for his job and we put our house on the market. Both of these situations are stressful and reasons why you should...

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National Ice Cream Month

The month of July has very few national health awareness issues: cord blood, cleft palate, and juvenile arthritis. I already wrote about juvenile arthritis in a previous blog post and I have limited knowledge on the other two health issues, which meant I need to...

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How Sound Can Help our Bodies Unwind And Relax

You are listening to the radio and you hear one of your favorite songs; what do you do?  Do you turn the radio up or do you sing along with the song? Do you feel yourself smiling or tapping to the beat? One or all of these reactions to the song are normal. When we...

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How Does Sound Therapy Differ from Other Healing Therapies?

The main difference between a sound therapy session and other alternative health modalities is the tools used during the session. In a sound therapy session, Zen bowls (the name of the specially designed Himalayan bowls) are used either on the body or around the body....

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The True Meaning of Memorial Day

A lot of us think of Memorial Day weekend as a time off from work, barbeques, pool parties, or camping trips.  The actual holiday is for remembering fallen soldiers, POW, and deceased veterans who served our country.  I went to visit my son’s family over the holiday...

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Is Reiki based on a Religion?

I am often asked by people at networking events is Reiki based on a religion. My answer is no; it is not based on a religion or a faith.  I have Reiki practitioner friends who are devoted Catholics, Baptists, Jews, and atheists who practice Reiki. I will admit I do...

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Spring and Allergies

As I was sitting at my computer trying to decide the topic of this blog, my eyes kept being drawn outside to the trees with new leaves and flowers. Spring is a time for births and new beginnings. Many of the trees and bushes in the Tucson area are blooming with leaves...

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February is National Heart Month

February is National Health Month and known as the month of love. After all, Valentine’s Day is February 14th and millions of people buy special gifts for their loved ones. I personally ‘love’ homemade and/or school made Valentine gifts. My son made me a ceramic heart...

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